A new start with a new layout

I have been blogging about my proposed HO scale model railroad based on the Dakota Minnesota & Eastern Railroad (DME) for some time. I used another blogging platform (which I still quite like) and the blog was also called DME Down Under. I made my first post on that blog on 1st July, 2009. You can read that initial post here.

I have decided to move the original DME Down Under blog to this new site, using WordPress, as this starts the phase of actual model railroad construction. I will naturally intertwine both the model and prototype aspects of the Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern (DME) as we move forward.

It may take some time for search engines to find this new DME Down Under site but that’s OK – I have some work to do in preparing this site and starting to upload content. What I can say is that the baseboard structure for the layout has been completed. Thanks to David (on the right) and John (in the middle) for helping with that.


Incongruously, I am still vacillating over several variations of the one general design for the actual layout plan. The layout footprint as it now actually exists in the garage at home is obviously here to stay so my variations on the layout plan need to stay within these now very physical limits. And that’s ok too – after almost eighteen months of doodling and drawing up track plans I am very close to the one that will determine the position of track and town locations on the built-up baseboard framework.

More in the next blog post…..