Slow going

Since I launched the new blog I have not posted much content. And the content that was on the previous version of this blog – on Posterous – is now gone forever as has that hosting provider!

However, I did manage to save the posts from Posterous and I will be using some of them on this new version of DME Down Under.

So what have I been doing in the past six months?

  • I have finalised the track plan for the layout.
  • I have established the height of the top tier (second deck) of the layout at eight inches (203 mm).
  • I am half way through making up the top tier on the layout, albeit the hard part (the spline roadbed around the central peninsula) is still to do.
  • I have made a hole in one brick in the centre brick wall to allow the Burlington Northern/BNSF line to cut through.
  • I have placed the Code 83 track in position for the main yard of Marshall (MN) and Evan (MN) – the two end points of the layout.  This has been a big help in visualising things. Marshall is a big yard taking up three sides of the available space. The extra delay in laying track actually gave me time to switch the position of the industries for better operation at Marshall for both the DME and the BN/BNSF.
  • I had another trip to Minnesota for some more photography of the DME industrial and agricultural landscape. I also attended the NMRA Thousand Lakes Regional Model Railroad convention in Minneapolis.
  • Finally, the winter temperature in the garage has been VERY cold – sometimes down to 3 degrees Celsius (37 degrees F) – which has necessitated a rethink on heating options and more sealing of the garage to try and keep out as much cold as possible.

All in all, it has been a busy time!