Colour light touch toggles

Testing of the layout continues.  I have found a couple of spots where wires had not been connected to the DCC bus and this is being rectified.  Some track adjustment at Rosa Park is occurring after some early operational “play”.  In addition, I have made the decision to push the second deck up another two inches higher. I will explain that in a future blog post but for now I want to look at turnout control (I use both Peco and Tortoise turnouts where manual throws are not possible).  The turnout motors are still to be wired up.

I was reading the May 2016 issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine last night.  In that issue was an advertisement for Berrett Hill colour light touch toggles. These are toggles that can be used for both solenoid-type turnout motors (such as Peco) or for stall-motion turnout motors like the Tortoise brand from Circuitron.

The installation of these toggles looks pretty simple, even for someone like myself who finds the electrical side of the hobby the most torturous. The touch toggles can be used on a control panel for a single light (red/green) or double light (red/green) to show turnout route selection. The single light (red/green) option can also be used with a separate small mounting plate where a control panel is not required (e.g. where you might just have one turnout to throw by itself).

The toggles certainly look good and they seem easier to wire up than using the regular DPDT switches, resistors and LEDs.  My only “concern” is the red/green light option which may be confusing for people who are colour-blind. Personally, the red/green lighting is fine by me but I acknowledge that there may be a potential operator on my layout who finds the red/green colours confusing.

Any comments on the Berrett Hill colour light touch toggles, and/or the issues around red/green indicator lighting more generally, would be greatly appreciated.


One thought on “Colour light touch toggles

  1. The two light version of the Touch Toggles is popular for large layouts and clubs. They have a red and green light 9.5mm apart. Since only one light is on at a time they’re easy to read if color/colour is a problem. About 1 in 100 men can’t make out a red/green difference, two-light Toggles are always better if there will be lots of operators.

    A new Mini-Cup Toggle was introduced just yesterday that has two lights in a fascia mount, so there’s finally a better solution for that situation too.

    Thanks for your notes. I hope you enjoy them.

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