My name is Brad and I live in Canberra, Australia. I have traditionally modelled Australian prototype railways in HO scale but have turned my attention to US railroading, particularly that of the Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern (DME).  My interest in the DME started a couple of years ago when I became very interested in the operational aspects of model railroads. After a chance encounter with the DME on DVD and in a book, I was hooked. I really loved the locomotives (especially GP 9’s and SD 40-2’s), the colour scheme, the variety of rolling stock, and the prairie feel of the railroad.

The purpose of the blog is twofold: to record information about the prototype DME; and to look at how the DME can be modelled as an effective operationally-based model railroad.

I also have another blog, Armchair Modeller Down Under, in which I discuss more general model railroad issues and observations.


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  1. Interesting. I was searching for a map of the line from Evan, MN to Marshall, MN and discovered your blog. My interest in the line is family history. My mother was born on a farm located west of Evan about 2 miles and between the rail line to Marshall and the one to Morgan and Redwood Falls. She enjoyed telling people that she was born between the railroad tracks. She talked about listening to the steamer coming from the west loaded with grain and how it had to work to make the grade south of the farm. I now own the building site where my great grandparents homesteaded in 1895 which is about 1/4 mile south of the tracks and 2 miles west of Evan. This is located 1 mile south of where mom grew up. Just thought you might be interested.

    • Kurt,

      Thanks for sharing this wonderful personal information. Glad to hear you are making tracks with your family history.
      I have actually visited Evan twice (must be the only Australian to do so!). I have wondered where the line from Marshall actually joined up with the line to Redwood Falls at Evan. I imagine trains from Marshall just kept on going southeast to Sleepy Eye and beyond and not going on to Redwood Falls.
      There used to be a lumber business at Evan. A building is still there with faded writing and now seems to be used by the Kent grain elevator.
      I hope you continue to discover more about your family history. Good luck with it and thanks again for making contact.

  2. Hi Brad,
    Thanks for the nice work on the DM&E RR.
    I also am very interested in it.
    It ran not more then a 30 minute drive from where I grew up.
    It was owned by the C&NW RR (Chicago Northwestern) back when I was young.
    They now have some very nice looking Loco’s running on that track.
    I also seen them run in the Mankato, MN area.
    Great work on that model!!!!!!

  3. Fantastic, i have a great love for the DME i lived in Sth Dakota for a few years. had may cab rides between Belle Fourche and Colony WY. Bunch of great guys. Love your layout. Matt

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