The tethered throttle dance

Over the past couple of months I have had some operating sessions with 2-4 operators to test out the layout. These operating sessions are pretty primitive in that there is no formal scheduling of trains, no switch lists, and no waybills. We operate on the DME and BN lines on the lower deck which means we run out of staging and through Ivanhoe, Rosa Park and Marshall (or vice versa) for DME trains and from staging through Marshall for the BN.  A DME train may do some switching in Marshall or Rosa Park. The photo below shows DME GP9 (#1471), a Proto 2000 model, switching one of the “industries” in Marshall.


The purpose of these informal sessions is really to test the trackwork, circuit breakers, and DCC system (NCE in my case). I have three throttles at the moment, all of which are tethered. I purchased the two tethered CAB06 throttles for the purpose of switching the two main freight yards at Marshall and Rosa Park. I will use radio throttles for the train crews, but I am still to buy these throttles.

With three operators running trains at the same time with three tethered throttles it became quite a dance around the layout as we followed our trains around. With more operators and tethered throttles, the dancing would have been much more complex.

While I am sure that we can manage with tethered throttles, even with a couple more operators, I think radio throttles will definitely be the way to go. The tethered throttles can definitely be used by the yardmasters, and for staging. But the convenience of radio throttles for train crews is clear-cut.

The informal sessions so far have highlighted a couple of problems with the track in places, and the drop-down bridge track connections to the layout need some adjustment. Nevertheless, we have had fun running trains and dancing in the aisles with our tethered throttles.